What Are Other Benefits to Depositors of Swabhiman Pariwar Nidhi Ltd.
One percent additional interest is payable to; investors more than 50 years of age, woman, handicapped, defense personnel, retired defense personnel, employees of central government and state government, employees of all banks and insurance field, employees of public undertakings, employees of government and semi government establishments, working employees of any cooperative society, employees of local bodies, retired person, trust and single deposit of Rs. 5 lac. As per present rules of Income Tax, TDS is not being cut on the profits earned on deposits. Within the rules, accidental insurance of Rs. 50,000/- on all accounts is being offered free of cost. The facility of payment before maturity and loan on pre-mature deposits is also available.

The Difference Between Swabhiman Pariwar Nidhi Ltd. and Finance Companies

Swabhiman Pariwar Nidhi Ltd. is a company declared as a Nidhi or Mutual Benefit Society under section 620A of the Companies Act, 2013. central government under the rules and regulations. It is compulsory by law for Companies to adhere these rules and regulations. The society being a cooperative organization, the ownership of the same doesn’t rest with any individual but all the members have the ownership rights. The members of society elect governing body by democratic way and elected body governs the operations. The policy matters are decided by governing body in general with full transparency. The cooperative department also keeps vigilance on the operations of society. On the other hand, the ownership of finance companies rest with individual and the policies are formed accordingly. The general public and customers have no right to interfere in the operations of finance companies. Therefore, there are more chances of having no transparency. The customers do not have sufficient knowledge about the finance companies and they have limited law coverage. Swabhiman Pariwar Nidhi Ltd under the law is fully answerable to its members and customers. The society adhere all rules and regulations meant for.

How Swabhiman is Different From Other Nidhi Company

In Futures we think that Swabhiman Pariwar Nidhi Ltd. reaches at that point from where we means all my employee and customers y together with high colors; for this in Futures aspect we want to increase my customers and employees as far as possible. Swabhiman Pariwar Nidhi Ltd. is not only company of one member but it is company of those who joined and will join with it.

  • Swabhiman is the first Nidhi Company providing on- line banking services to its members and investors.
  • Swabhiman has increased the number of branches in a very short time period that no other Company has done so fast.
  • Swabhiman is the first Company who has started small savings scheme like ‘GULLAK’ that is a very good step to promote savings.

Who Should Invest in Swabhiman ?

 Any adult person, amily, company, partnership firm, trust, organization, Nidhi Company etc who are the members of Swabhiman can invest in different scheme.